About Patricia Mulder

As a Visual Designer I've worked on branding, illustrating, web and app design and helped businesses transfer their brand coherently to online and offline mediums.

As a Craft Enthusiast, I love making and selling handmade gifts that can be as intentional and imperfect as I choose to: I learned to appreciate the beauty of imperfection, nothing is or has to be 'pixel perfect' in my crafts.

Email me anytime, visit my Etsy shop, or check my Instagram for recent updates.

Much joy I wish you,
Patricia Mulder

Mindful Nature Art

Created with materials from nature found in the places I visited. Carefully collected, without an end-result in mind. In my studio every leaf, stick and stone is sorted out and consciously placed one by one on paper. The result is photographed with a professional camera, digitally edited and shown here.

Prints are sold on Etsy

Handmade Crafts

These little fairies are especially full with joy! They’re made out of merino wool felt, cotton wire, thread, solid wood, small dots of non-toxic glue, a wide arrange of fabrics and an oven-dried acorn cap. Just find the right one(s) for you or a friend and help them on their way to a new home.

Fairies are sold on Etsy

Clear Visual Designs

With over 15 years experience as a visual designer for mobile, web and various print products, I am currently involved in creating identities with a meaningful and straightforward design. I love to simplify, which can be seen in the work that I do and also my personal life.

Vibrant Illustrations

Illustrating is fun, with a pencil and paper or pen and iPad. Preferable with a lot of color and starting with a simple idea, where sometimes it will develop into a bigger project used in a new concept.

Intuitive Paintings

I use many different mediums and materials like acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, paper and cardboard to develop my intuitive paintings. My coaching background together with my artistic skills makes a lively setting to paint together and create some genuine art.