Mindful Nature Art

Created with materials from nature found in the places I visited. Carefully collected, without an end-result in mind. In my studio every leaf, stick and stone is sorted out and consciously placed one by one on paper. The result is photographed with a professional camera, digitally edited and offered here.

Clear Visual Designs

With over 15 years experience as a visual designer for mobile, web and various print products, I am currently involved in creating identities with a meaningful and straightforward design. I love to simplify, which can be seen in the work that I do and also my personal life.

Vibrant Illustrations

Illustrating is fun, with a pencil and paper or pen and iPad. Preferable with a lot of color and starting with a simple idea, where sometimes it will develop into a bigger project used in a new concept.

Intuitive Paintings

I use many different mediums and materials like acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, paper and cardboard to develop my spiritually inspired paintings. My coaching background together with my artistic skills makes a lively setting to paint together and create some genuine art.